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About this episode

In season 3 episode one of The IoT Podcast, host Tom White speaks with Intertrust’s Chris Kalima and Julian Durand to discover how to create trust throughout the IoT data supply chain and the key to achieving seamless interoperability in zero-trust environments, even at scale.

Sit back, relax, tune in and be the first to discover…

(00:00) The IoT Podcast Intro
(00:28) Shout Out to our sponsor
(00:43) Intro to Chris and Julian
(06:56) What does Intertrust do?
(09:09) Interoperability in the EV market
(13:39) EIPGRID partnership enabling trusted data for scale organisations
(17:09) Why the old ways of securing networks does not work
(20:02) 30-day free trial!
(21:08) How can we address interoperability issues at scale?
(27:43) What effect will the EU Data act have on businesses?
(31:00) The evolution of data collaboration and data sharing
(39:44) Question from the audience

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About our guest

Julian Durand is the VP of Product Management & CISO at Intertrust. He is an accomplished product owner, team leader, and creative inventor with more than 25 years of success in bringing breakthrough products to market at massive scale. He is a named inventor in Digital Rights Management (DRM), Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual SIM technologies, was the technical lead for the first music phone and pioneered vSIM and IoT businesses at Qualcomm.

Connect with Julian: Here

Chris Kalima is the VP of Product Management. He is an experienced product leader and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of applying his passion for technology and design to web-based products and applications.

Connect with Chris: Here

About Intertrust

Intertrust is a Silicon Valley-based software company specializing in trusted computing products and services. The company was founded in 1990 by the entrepreneur Victor Shear with the vision to enable trusted transactions across open networks. To date, Intertrust has scaled to a prominent enterprise in trusted distributed computing, building on a legacy of invention, and fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust.

Find out more about Intertrust: Here