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About this episode

In this episode, we’re joined by Roy Dagan, CEO and Founder of SecuriThings, to explore the critical topic of cybersecurity in the IoT space.

We start by getting to know Roy and his background, followed by a discussion on SecuriThings’ recent funding round of $21 million in Series B funding.

Roy shares his insights on the journey to securing funding and how it will enable SecuriThings to move forward. Next, we dive into the game-changing potential of automation in IoT security and operational management. Roy highlights the challenges faced by organizations in securing vulnerable devices and maintaining compliance, and the role of automation in providing visibility and control over all physical security devices.

We also discuss the recent announcement by the U.S. FCC regarding the ban on importing and selling products made by several companies operating in China and its impact on organizations. Roy offers his thoughts on what needs to be done on the government and legislation side to address security concerns.

Reflecting on the previous episode with Roy one year on, we explore the changes and new challenges faced by enterprises utilizing automated security solutions. Lastly, Roy offers his predictions and trends for IoT in 2023 and answers audience questions on emerging security issues.

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About our guest

Roy Dagan is the Co-Founder and CEO of SecuriThings. He has over 15 years of experience building products in the fields of Cyber Security, Risk Management and Intelligence Systems. And held multiple roles leading Product Management teams in a range of companies from large organizations to startups including RSA, The Security Division of EMC, NICE Systems and Capital Cadence. He served in the Israeli Defense Force’s elite technological unit and graduated from Tel Aviv University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management.

SecuriThings is redefining the way organizations manage and secure IoT devices at scale. The Horizon platform provides real-time security and operational efficiency to improve system availability, organizational compliance, and cyber protection while reducing costs and streamlining future planning. Our advanced technology enables automation, analytics and actionable alerts so your fleet of iot devices is fully operational and secure. The power, depth and breadth of our capabilities only take one day to deploy, remotely.

The solution is trusted by Fortune 100 companies and has been deployed by numerous large enterprises such as major airports, universities, hospitals and more. Find out more about SecuriThings – Here. 

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