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The IoT Podcast, created to share the fantastic stories by the leaders in the industry themselves.

The IoT Podcast came together after a brainstorming session one day deep in the labs of Paratus People.  We’ve had some fantastic meetings, conversations and lunches with super bright minds and thought leaders in the IoT ecosystem and knew that we had to find a platform to display some of this talent to the wider world. There wasn’t a platform so we decided to start our own!

With an initial interest in IoT Security, the Podcast has grown into varying fields – from M2M, IIoT and Connected Devices – spanning the globe and promoting the excellent work of these companies, from start-ups to multinational businesses, there’s a real variety of people who have contributed so far to the series.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed so far to make the IoT Podcast what it is today and look forward to seeing this evolve over time.

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The IoT Podcast Team

The IoT Podcast is powered by a leading organisation in the IoT sector.

Paratus People are an established provider of talent solutions within the IoT industry, and continue to find ways to explore and learn more about this fast paced and exciting sector.