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Cyber Security Mini Series Special

Our Cyber Security mini series special is available to access now!

In a world where IoT systems are becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s crucial for both consumers and suppliers to be aware of the importance of security. And we felt this more than ever in 2023.

This Mini-Series sheds light on the trends, challenges, opportunities and new regulations in the evolving cyber security landscape for IoT devices, with lessons learned from 2023 to what’s ahead this year.

Key themes include the adoption of zero trust authentication, the shift towards cloud-based security solutions and new tools coming in, the emergence of AI security automation and the impact of new regulations like PSTI in the UK and the cyber trust mark in the States.

All episodes were recorded during the 9th annual IoT Security Foundation conference, featuring insights from leading cyber security pioneers including David Rogers – CEO at Copper Horse, Jennifer William – MD at Secarma and Ben Azvine Head of Security Research at BT Group.