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A warm welcome from the Founders of The Women in IoT Club Georgia and Katie and an introduction to our sponsors- Huawei, Tele2 IoT, Paratus People and The IoT Jobsite.


Katie White and Georgia Harris are the Founders of the Women in IoT Club, an initiative set up to celebrate the achievements and innovations of females within the Internet of Things who are delivering the IoT vision.

What it is…

Whilst there’s an increasing number of notable women in Tech initiatives (who we fully support). The Women in IoT Club is unique in the fact it specialises solely in the niche of IoT.

We invite women across the industry – throughout the world (from students, entry-level developers to CEOs and directors) to join us and inspire our future projects.

We’re on a mission to build a platform where women within IoT can be celebrated for the innovations they are driving. Offering an inspiring, inclusive space for members to broaden their knowledge and build a network of relationships with other like-minded women.

What it isn’t…

The Women in IoT Club isn’t an excuse to talk about the hardships of women in the IoT industry. We’re all well aware that there is an underrepresentation of women in the industry – and let’s face it, the stats speak for themselves.

So, let’s not dwell on it; instead let’s celebrate the amazing activity taking place, put awareness into action and drive more initiatives that celebrate women in the industry!

The Women in IoT Club also isn’t a woman-only event – if you don’t identify as a woman but you want to support the movement – we’ll welcome you with open arms.

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Session Transcript

Katie White & Georgia Harris
Hello, I think we’re live. Welcome to the first-ever Women in IoT Club Conference. Thank you all for joining us. I am Georgia, the Co-Founder of the Women IoT Club and Head of Marketing at Paratus People. And I’m Katie, also Co-Founder at the Women in IoT Club and Head Researcher at the IoT podcast. So to give you a little background on today, we sat the Women in IoT Club for a number of reasons, the main one being that there is a significant under representation of women in the industry.

Katie White & Georgia Harris
But we also understood that there are so many exciting initiatives happening within IoT powered by women that deserve more recognition, which brings us here today. And so our ultimate mission with women and it club conference is to celebrate all of the great work and achievements from women within IoT who are driving the IoT vision. So this isn’t a man hating event, or an excuse to talk about the hardships is a celebration of all of the great work happening from women. And that continues to happen from females within IoT. Absolutely. And with that being said, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported us in getting this industry initiative off the ground. I think you’ll agree we’ve got an amazing lineup for you today. We’re super excited. So before we get into our first talk, we’d like to introduce our sponsors who have been amazing and supporting the initiative. So thank you to Huawei, Tele2 IoT, Paratus People and IoT Jobsite. So Wahib. Would you like to introduce a little bit more about Huawei?

Wahib Al Haq
Yeah, sure. First of all, thanks a lot for having me. It’s it’s a really an interesting and a pleasure to be here. So hello, everyone. My name is Wahib Al Haq, I am based in Germany and leading partner engineering operations at Huawei. At Huawei, I’ll say a few things what we are trying to do, we are at the forefront of providing technology to solve the world’s hardest challenges. The team I’m part of is responsible to enable us ecosystem growth in Europe, which we believe solve some of the key IoT challenges faced by consumers and OEMs of today and tomorrow. As of today, you might know bearing controlling and automating your smart home devices with one touch is not really convenient for an average user. Even for the tech service among us, it can be a tough task to set up new devices at home. And additional to these challenges, building and running and users applications on multiple devices. And seeing this multi device collaboration running seamlessly is not really possible today.

Wahib Al Haq
So basically, with our Harmony OS, which is an operating system designed for IoT devices, we are aiming to offer innovative value to our end users and the customers. Now coming back to this woman in IoT conference, and the reason we are here, I think we all need to do our little part in closing gender gap in tech, especially in the IoT domain. I think we cannot disagree to that. sponsoring this event and motivating our two female team members to speak at such a stage is our way to say thanks to the organisers and really support this initiative. I really hope we see more editions of this conference in the near future. Each year, Huawei is recognised as a as a top employer in Europe. And we aim to promote women working in tech and IoT in general. We ourselves organised many hackathons and events we did last year as well, especially for our team. And I invite you to please join us next time and help us as well in supporting and growing this thriving tech community. So I think that would be it from my side. Looking forward to some really amazing talks today. Best of luck.

Katie White
Thank you. And you can expect Huawei’s talk as the last session at the end of the day, that will be 5:30pm GMT or 6:30pm CET, and Judi would you like to explain a little bit more about Tele 2 IoT as well?

Judi Lembeke
Absolutely. I am Judi Lembke and I am the Brand Manager at Tele2 IoT. Tele2 IoT is part of the Tele2 group which is one of the largest companies in Sweden. We’re based in Stockholm. And we operate across the Nordics and Baltics. And at Tele2 IoT we like to say that connectivity is at the heart of everything we do, but it’s not everything we do. And what that means is we provide managed global connectivity to our customers, but we also offer a host of products and enabling services, which help our customers successfully digitalize and solve their business challenges like most companies in IoT, but this includes our sim management platform to control which is an enhanced version of Cisco IoT Control Centre, as well as Cloud Interconnect which we developed with Equinix that provides heightened security for any IoT deployment, but is most particularly suited to deployments that are mission critical, such as health care or utilities.

Judi Lembeke
And because our outlook in our customer base is global, we know how important it is that our team reflects this. We aren’t really interested in a homogenous workforce made up of the same old faces we’ve seen in tech for years and years, and said, We want a diversified team because we know that a diversified team produces better results. And it also well, let’s be honest, it makes work more fun. And women are, of course, a big piece of the diversity puzzle, which is why you tell it to has committed to having a gender balanced workforce of at least 40% females across all levels by 2023. We’re not there yet. But we’ve made tremendous progress. And we’ve actually been named the second best Swedish company on equity leaps, Global Gender Equality report, which is something we’re very proud of. And hopefully, we get to number one. And I am very happy that we have joined the IoT podcasts in this women and IoT Club today, and very happy that we’re sponsoring it, I think it’s really important that we lift women up and give them a platform for their knowledge and experience. And speaking of knowledge and experience, I am very much looking forward to hearing everyone today. But most particularly my colleague, Linda ekeler. Maggie who is someone who brings decades of experience and knowledge to the table. And I can actually say she’s She’s a true star in our organisation, and you’re in for a treat with her.

Katie White
Yeah, and so Linda will actually be our first session of the day as well, which begins just after this session at 9:30am GMT or 10:30am cet, so yeah, be sure to check that out after this session. So thank you so much, Judy. And Liam, would you like to explain a little bit more about the job site and what you do?

Liam Crahart
So, as mentioned, I’m Liam Crahart – Business Executive at The IoT Jobsite. And we’re proud to be sponsoring the Women in IoT Club as a platinum sponsor. So to break it down. The IoT jobs like is the only job site in the world dedicated to IoT. At the IoT Jobsite, you can find new and the most latest opportunities from companies taking technology to the next level. Being unique to the industry, we were keen to support the conference, and to raise awareness of some of the fantastic women in the sector, with our client base, but also support any and all women in our industry looking to take their next step in their careers.

Katie White
Thank you so much. And you can check out the IoT Jobsite in our sponsor information pack, which it should be in your inbox as well. And so lastly, Tom, who’s also the host of the IoT podcast, and founder & MD at Paratus People, would you like to speak a little bit more about those two businesses? Tom,

Tom White
I’d love to thank you. First of all, I just want to say massive well done to Georgia, and Katie, on putting this event together in the first place. You know, what you’ve done is truly remarkable. And I’m super proud of you. And long, long Magennis live. And I hope in the future, that we can take this into a real life context and off the virtual screens. And I think everyone can agree that would be a good thing. So a little bit about me. So I’ve got a background in embedded technologies. When I studied at university prior to getting into the wonderful world of recruiting and consulting a Paratus. And setting up both the podcast and the IoT job site. I’m very, very keen on bridging this gender gap that we’ve spoken about and that we’ve heard from some of our illustrious sponsors. For too long, it’s been very male dominated this industry. And events like this really showcased the need to, to change that, right. And there’s some fantastic women in our industry that are doing some great, great things. And I think the more that we can do to highlight and showcase that showcases, in general, the better. So I’m delighted to have this event happening and really looking forward to some of the talks today. And again, thank you to Georgia and Katie for having the initiative to put this together in the first place. You know, I’m honoured to be working with you both.

Katie White 
Thank you so much, Tom. And you can find out more information about our sponsors, like I said, in our information pack, which you should receive in your inbox. And if not, you can just go down to the tab on Zoom, which says sponsors, and you can find out all information about our sponsors there.

Georgia Harris
Yeah. And we’d love this conference to be as interactive as possible. So make use of the functionality on Zoom, and send questions all day to our guest speakers. And we’ll try to get through as many as we can. And if you’d like to tweet or post on LinkedIn, we’d love it if you could do so hashtag women in IoT club conference 2022, we’ll be keeping an eye on that sharing your tweets and engaging with any post that you make. And so with that being said, let’s get going. And if you would like to head over to the lobby, and you can access a next session with the wonderful Linda Eken and Maggie of telling to IoT and she’ll be delivering a talk on creating and measuring sustainable value with IoT. And like Katie said, That’d be starting at 930. So we’ve got a little bit of a 20 minute wait for you. Right. So thank you so much, everyone. Thank you to all of our sponsors. If you have any questions throughout the day, please just use the chat function. And we’ll be sure to respond to any queries and questions that you have. So yeah, look forward to seeing you all in Linda’s session. Thanks, guys.


Thank you to our sponsors

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