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How is IoT Revolutionising the Health and Fitness Industry?

Health and fitness are a central part of our lives whether it be through going to the gym, participating in sports or taking a casual stroll. But for a lot of us maintaining health and fitness can become difficult, in a fast-paced world fitting the time and motivation to keep up to date with our health can be the most challenging part. IoT technology is a frontrunner in the transformation of the fitness industry and is already closer than we think.
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5 Uses for Digital Twins

Although the concept and beginnings of digital twins started off in manufacturing, the technology has now shifted into the world of IoT. Digital twins are used in so many different sectors that it’s truly astonishing. But, what is a digital…

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AI – The Future Is Now!

Artificial intelligence; perhaps it’s a sign of how fast the times are moving, but the majority of us see AI as being something so incredibly futuristic, beyond our level of understanding, that it’s nowhere near the levels of science fiction…

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