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In episode 41, Oyvind Birkenes – CEO, Airthings 🌬 tells us how IoT is being used to monitor Indoor Air quality, why this is important for our healthπŸ«€ and the benefits for smart buildings πŸŒ‡

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  • Can you tell me a bit more about yourself? 00:5203:27 🌬
  • We often talk about air pollution in cities and how this impacts our health, but we rarely hear about indoor air quality. Why should people care?03:2705:48 🌬
  • IoT can play a big role in ensuring healthy and safe environments. Can you explain the role of IoT in air quality solutions a bit more? And how this will help us especially post-pandemic? 05:4808:53 🌬
  • Can you share some examples of how IoT sensors help improve people’s health through monitoring air quality? 08:5313:05 🌬
  • What else can you measure with these sensors? 13:0516:28 🌬
  • How do the sensors work to monitor air quality? 16:2818:42 🌬
  • What trends are you seeing in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and sensor tech market? Is there a difference for consumers Vs businesses? 18:4225:13 🌬
  • Innovation is a big part of IoT and future sustainability. What does the future look like for IoT and how does Airthings keep on innovating? 25:1329:48

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Oyvind Birkenes is the CEO at Airthings a revolutionary IoT manufacturer creating world-class radon detectors and indoor air quality monitors, using the most accurate technologies to create user-friendly products and solutions.

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