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In episode 36, Tim Panagos – CTO, explores the world of Data, from privacy and security to how the Data Marketplace is shaping IoT and sustainability📈 🔐

Tim Panagos is CTO at, bringing smart building solutions to life., provides enterprise-scale IoT integration for real-time infection control, predictive cleaning, occupancy and asset zoning in Smart Buildings without sacrificing privacy.

We start the episode by considering the importance of the Sensing as a Service model, what this means and how this model will proliferate Smart Building use cases. We then start to consider the issues of Data and Privacy, why this is still a profound problem – especially as Data continues to increase in volume as we grow IoT devices. While discussing at & Privacy we dive deep into Contact Tracing and how Data has been shared during this time. To finish the episode we discover what is meant by the Data Marketplace and why it will be considered the future solution for Data and privacy.

Sit back, relax, tune in and discover

  •  Introduction to Tim’s background in AI and applications of Data 00:1503:00 🔐
  • Sensing as a Service model (SaaS) and its importance in the development of Smart Buildings and IoT solutions 03:0006:55 🔐
  • Will a lot of companies be offer Sensing as a Service as a model in IoT specific sectors? What are the challenges of this? 06:5509:56 🔐
  • How will protocol standards get stronger as we develop Smart Building/City solutions? 09.56 – 12.52 🔐
  • How does your solution address security and Data privacy? Case study: Covid-19 Contact Tracing Data & privacy focus 12.52 -17.04 🔐
  • Why is this a crucial moment for the Data privacy debate in IoT? 17.04 – 20:15 🔐
  • The challenges that GDPR and legislation has brought about to be able to get data internationally and bring Data to the forefront 20:1522:03 🔐
  • What do we mean by a Data Marketplace and why is this important for IoT and sustainability? 22.02 – 32:54 🔐
  • What can we expect from the future in term of data, IoT and smart buildings? 32:54 – 41.05

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