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In episode 34, explore the startup world with Michael Schwarz – Co-Founder/MD, emocean and discoverπŸ”Ž the qualities that make up a unique and successful startup in the IIoT landscape 🏭.

emocean GmbH is a software and solutions provider, set within the industrial IoT sector to help accelerate companies digitisation processes.

We kick off the episode by exploring Michaels background at Cisco and what motivated him to leave the corporate world and found a start-up business. We then start to discuss the current position of his Industry 4.0. startup – emocean, what unique standpoint the business has within the IIoT world and what data liquefication means for deploying Industry 4.0. solutions at scale. We end the episode considering how covid-19 has created business opportunities for those wanting to pursue a successful startup and where future risks and challenges lie for startups in the IIoT sector.

Sit back, relax, tune in and discover

🏭 Personal background, how did you get in touch with IoT? 00:20 – 03:15
🏭 What motivated him to found a start-up business, moving from the corporate world? 03:15 – 05:46
🏭 What does emocean do within Industry 4.0., what problems are you solving? 03:15 – 07:02
🏭 What do we mean by liquefying data? How will this allow customers to deploy industry 4.0. devices at scale? 07:02 – 09:26
🏭 What are the qualities that help to create a successful and unique IoT solution? 09:26 – 13:32
🏭 Where are you with the emocean startup at the moment and where are you going next? How will your solution shape the future? 13:32 – 17:02
🏭 How has the covid-19 pandemic given opportunities to develop a start-up business? 17:02 – 20:47
🏭 What’s your general view on IIoT: where do you see challenges, risks, opportunities? 20:47 – 26:04
🏭 What are the next steps for the future for IIoT and emocean in the startup world? 26:04 – 29:41

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