In Episode 11 of The IoT Podcast we dive into the world of Augmented Intelligence with Erik Bjontegard known widely for Inventing and Founding the Spark Compass Platform as the President of Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.

Erik is leading innovation in Augmented Experience for a globally connected space, and paving the way to an increasingly intelligent world where data can predict, act on and encourage behaviour whether that be bringing a football match experience to your home or controlling the pandemic spread.


Erik answers these topics:


  • His background in the IoT Space sector and how he found his company Total Communicator Solutions, Inc.
  • What the Spark Compass Augmented Intelligence Platform is and what Solutions it brings to our daily lives
  • The role of Augmented Intelligence in transforming healthcare innovation amongst the pandemic
  • His biggest challenges as an entrepreneur and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • What he forecasts for the future in relation to Augmented Intelligence

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