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About this episode

In season 3 episode 5 of The IoT Podcast, we explore the evolution of edge computing with the Founder of ClearBlade Eric Simone, from successful edge deployments in IoT to the emerging role of AI and ML.

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(00:00) The IoT Podcast intro
(00:34) Eric’s journey to founding ClearBlade
(07:30) What drove you to start ClearBlade?
(09:49) Why it’s difficult to leave a business once you’ve started it
(15:04) What was the moment when you realised you needed to pivot the business?
(20:10) Why you have to go against the grain in order for it to work
(21:28) Picking apart this quote: ‘90% of platforms are gone, and the remaining 95% will be gone within 3 years. this includes Azure IoT Hub and AWS IoT Core. Yet IoT will thrive’
(25:41) What are the common barriers that keep popping up in IoT?
(29:33) How will the adoption of edge computing play out?
(35:28) How is edge computing enabling real-time data processing?
(39.33) How AI at the edge is going to be a game changer
(46:25) Making life simpler with technology
(49:20) Prediction for IoT in 2023
(50:47) Question from the audience
(52:17) Quick-fire questions

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About our guest

Eric Simone is the Founder and CEO of ClearBlade, Inc. an Intelligent Assets software company.

ClearBlade put the power of IoT, Edge computing, and AI into the hands of businesspeople enabling them to deliver immediate ROI. ClearBlade has the only proven, repeatable, IoT Enterprise Core for Edge and cloud on the market today and have created the only software that is identical in both. ClearBlade is proven at scale across multiple verticals including Oil & Gas, Industrial Equipment, Transportation, Aerospace, and Agriculture.

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