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About this episode

In this episode, Codasip’s CEO Ron Black & Safety & Security Architect Carl Shaw join The IoT Podcast to discuss the first commercially viable implementation of CHERI (RISC-V) Technology.

With the increasing number of vulnerabilities and companies having problems in cybersecurity, like the recent Netgear router and iOS vulnerabilities.

The stakes for robust cyber security have never been higher. And of the cyberattacks, 70% exploit vulnerabilities related to how programs access and manipulate memory.

We’ll be diving into how this groundbreaking technology is helping to protect against potential attacks by making memory exploitation more difficult.

Plus more!


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 06:04 What does Codasip do?
  • 10:40 Analysis of cyber security issues and attacks in the world
  • 16:10 What is CHERI?
  • 23:18 Why is it here?
  • 25:35 How CHERI has the potential to prevent 70% of cyber attacks
  • 29:37 Changing mindsets on security
  • 30.00 How to implement CHERI
  • 32:52 What industries benefit (ALL)
  • 39:05 The future

And much more!

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About our guest

Ron Black boasts over 30 years of industry experience. Before joining Codasip, he’s held leadership positions at Imagination Technologies, Rambus, MobiWire, UPEK, and Wavecom. With a background in Engineering and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Cornell University, his expertise spans processors including PowerPC, network processors, security processors, and GPUs.

Carl Shaw is a hands-on expert in embedded systems and security engineering, focusing on software-defined hardware architectures for security and safety. Skilled in security analysis, firmware, RISC-V, and team leadership.

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Codasip is a hardware design company specialising in empowering developers to create unique processors for the Internet of Things (IoT) and beyond. Founded in 2014, they focus on RISC-V technology, an open-source instruction set architecture. CHERI is a security boost for RISC-V processors. It uses special “capabilities” to tightly control memory access, preventing common attacks.

Codasip first brought CHERI to market, offering processors with built-in security and compatibility with existing code. This combo makes RISC-V systems much more secure.

Find out more about Codasip and CHERI: