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About this episode

In season 3 episode 6 of The IoT Podcast, we connect with Ashish Darbari – Founder & CEO at Axiomise to discover how formal verification is being used to improve the quality, performance and security of IoT devices.

Sit back, relax, tune in and be the first to discover…

  • The IoT Podcast intro (00:00)
  • Ashish’s technology journey (01:30)
  • How Axiomise was founded (05:39)
  • The difference between formal and traditional verification – what is formal verification? (09:40)
  • Proof, stimulus and debug (15:59)
  • Challenges and misconceptions around formal (17:46)
  • Best practices and guidelines (20:18)
  • How has Formal Verification helped improve the quality, performance and security of IoT devices? (30:00)
  • What’s the future for formal verification? (36:09)
  • Quick-fire questions (46:19)

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About our guest

Ashish Darbari is the Founder and CEO of Axiomise, the world’s only formal verification training, consulting & services company that specializes in enabling formal verification in the semiconductor industry.

The vision of Axiomise is to enable all designers and verification engineers to use formal verification for the right reasons.

Find out more about Axiomise: Here

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