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About this episode

In episode 10 of The 5V Podcast, we are joined by leader Robbrecht van Amerongen – Head of IoT & API at AMIS Conclusion to unpack some of the most popular trends in and outside of the IoT world this year, from digital twin adoption to metaverse thoughts and learn more about scaling IoT and the changes it has brought to the energy market! 👀🚀

This Episode Showcases…

  • What are the challenges of scaling an IoT solution?
  • What can we do to increase efficiency and capitalise on traditional energy sources for more sustainable energy?
  • Digital Twin trends – the truths and the myths
  • Industry 4.0 to 5.0 are we at the transition?
  • AI and ML trends – what are the best applications?

What is The 5V Podcast?

The 5V Podcast is a special one-off season that we put together as a celebration of our company values after we launched 5V Media; a media provider for the IoT and wider tech world. 5V Media powers The IoT Podcast, events, video content and much more!

Until next time sit back, relax, tune in a discover the people, initiatives and communities driving technology as a force for good!

About our guest

As an innovation manager, Robbrecht has delivered tangible services products and services. Accompanied by the necessary marketing effort and sales instructions to transform a “good idea” into a profitable service for companies. He has organised, conducted and managed several conferences, seminars, and webcasts in the technology and innovation domain.

AMIS strengthens your business operations by using data as production capital. Their approach contributes to performance improvement, cost reduction, risk reduction, and the facilitation of new business models. If you’re wondering what they’re good at, their answer would be the Internet of Things, Data and Integration Engineering, Data-driven applications, and Data Platforms.

Find out more about AMIS Conclusion – Here 

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