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About this episode

In season 4 episode 8, we are joined by the incredible Yasser Alsaied – Vice President of Amazon Web Sevices (AWS) IoT to explore the IoT journey of AWS, how AWS is making IoT easier for partners and end-users, the impacts of emerging technology including AI & ML, exciting Alexa innovations and what he sees as the three critical industries of advancement!

Yasser has over 30 year’s experience in executive management and technical experience in the semiconductors, cloud, and wireless industries with strong knowledge in technology management and IoT reference platforms.

From his time as Qualcomm’s VP of IoT to his current position as VP AWS IoT, Yasser has been at the forefront of many technological innovations and advancements. In this episode, Yasser will discuss what he’s observed while working in the IoT space over the years and the emerging technologies that are set to make the biggest strides.

Sit back, relax, tune in and discover…

  • (01:17) About Yasser
  • (03:30) Technology has evolved so quickly
  • (07:50) Qualcomm days
  • (09:55) There’s nothing new about IoT
  • (12:00) Why is IoT essential?
  • (14:53) What has changed in IoT from the beginning?
  • (17:00) There is real value
  • (18:20) The are 200 AWS services available for IoT
  • (22:37) Making IoT easy
  • (24:24) What are three areas of advancement in IoT?
  • (27:40) Why do technologies disappear?
  • (30:00) The consumer will pick the technology easiest for them
  • (32:56) The role of AI
  • (37:29) Helping customers imagine the value for them
  • (44:58) Advice for those getting into IoT
  • (52:00) Question from the audience

And much more!

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About our guest

Yasser Alsaied is the Vice President of AWS IoT. He is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in semiconductors, cloud, and wireless industries. He excels in technology management for mobile and IoT reference platforms, and he’s known for his global operational expertise and strong communication skills.

Yasser has contributed significantly to industry standards committees, particularly in mobile technology and digital home SIGs. He’s a results-driven leader with a talent for both strategic thinking and tactical problem-solving. With a background in IT and electronic warfare, he has a deep understanding of emerging technologies.

Yasser is recognized for his integrity, leadership, and ability to deliver value in challenging environments.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a prominent global cloud computing platform launched in 2006. It offers a broad spectrum of cloud-based services, including computing, storage, databases, AI, and IoT solutions. AWS’s scalable, secure, and cost-effective services have made it a preferred choice for businesses and organizations worldwide.

It continually innovates and maintains a vast network of data centers, enabling customers to access flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure. AWS has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way computing resources are accessed and utilized, becoming a cornerstone of the digital era.

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