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About this episode

In season 3 episode three of The IoT Podcast, host Tom White speaks with Adam Livesay – Founder & CEO of Elevāt.IoT to discuss the shift towards electrification in the industrial landscape and IoT’s role in this movement.

Sit back, relax, tune in and be the first to discover…

  • (00:00) Podcast intro
  • (00:50) Adam’s background and journey to founding Elevāt
  • (01:51) What does electrification in industrials mean?
  • (03:56) What wave is happening within electrification?
  • (09:25) What shifts are taking place in OEMs moving to more of an electrification framework?
  • (15:15) Talking about some cool IoT use cases in industrial electrification
  • (19:25) Challenges
  • (23:16) When does it / does not make sense to move to electrification?
  • (25:56) Sponsor
  • (28:16) How is IoT enabling collaboration?
  • (29:55) Advice for companies looking to implement IoT in industrial electrification processes
  • (32:00) Future of electrification
  • (36:34) Quick fire questions!

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About our guest

Adam Livesay is the Founder and CEO of Elevāt. A Seattle-based Industrial IoT company focused on connecting the Industrial World. They believe real value will be realized when connecting people, machines, and partners to make data-driven decisions.

Elevāt powers the ecosystem of Smart Manufacturers, Smart Machines, & Smart Connected Fleets to deliver Smart Services, Smart Products, and Smart Outcomes to the marketplace.

Find out more about Elevāt – Here

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