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About this episode

In Season 4 Episode 5, Neda Sepasian – Business Technology Partner for Marine & Land Asset Integrity at Fugro joins Host Tom White to uncover how IoT is being used in the geotechnical industry to collect information about the Earth’s surface in support of the safe, sustainable and efficient design, construction and operation of assets on land, marine and even on the moon!

Sit back, relax, tune in and discover…

  • About Neda (01:48)
  • What does Fugro do? (03:57)
  • How is IoT being used in the Geotechnical data industry? (08:00)
  • Land projects (12:14)
  • Marine infrastructure & biodiversity (19:37)
  • So little we know about the ocean (22:46)
  • Moon inspection project (30:40)
  • Prediction for IoT in 2023 (35:30)
  • Quick-fire questions (38:38)

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About our guest

Neda is Business Technology Partner for Marine & Land Asset Integrity at Fugro, integrating IoT solutions into Fugro’s marine and land asset management.


Fugro is a global leader in geotechnical, geospatial, and asset integrity solutions. With expertise spanning land and marine environments, Fugro offers advanced services in geotechnical engineering, precise positioning, and geospatial data collection.

Leveraging innovative technologies such as remote sensing and analytics, Fugro provides actionable insights to industries including energy, construction, and environmental management. Committed to safety and sustainability, Fugro’s expertise and global presence make it a trusted partner for diverse projects worldwide, shaping how industries interact with the Earth’s subsurface and environment.

Find out more about Fugro – Here

Follow Fugro on LinkedIn – Here  and X (previously Twitter) – Here 

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