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About this episode

In this episode of The IoT Podcast, we’re joined by Chet Babla – SVP of Strategic Marketing at indie Semiconductor to steer through the most impactful automotive megatrends and explore the vision of the uncrashable car.

With over 30 years in the automotive industry, Chet will explore the technologies he is seeing have the biggest impact across automotive right now.

We explore the pressing opportunity of ADAS and the technological advancements enabling further innovation and the shifting role of in-cabin user experience and the growing importance of user interfaces and human-machine interaction design


  • 00:00 Introduction to Chet and indie Semiconductor
  • 05:00 The pressing opportunity of ADAS systems
  • 10:40 Advancements in LiDAR technology
  • 12:50 In-cabin user experience going beyond infotainment
  • 16:18 Human-machine interface systems
  • 20:40 The user will dictate where in-cabin user experiences go
  • 21:42 Electrification at scale
  • 25:58 Where are we with increasing range and battery for EV’s?
  • 34:34 The autonomous vehicle debate
  • 39:32 Quick fire questions

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About our guest

Chet Babla is the Senior VP of Strategic Marketing, driving the expansion of indie Semiconductor’s Tier 1 and automotive OEM customer base. With over 30 years in tech, he’s held diverse roles, from analog chip designer to VP of Arm’s Automotive Line of Business. His expertise spans powertrain, digital cockpit, ADAS, and autonomous driving. Beyond tech, he’s advised the UK government on ICT trade strategies.

indie Semiconductor, founded in 2007, is a pure-play automotive fabless chip company. They design chips for key features in modern cars like ADAS, connected car tech, and user experience. Their focus on automotive has made them a leader in the “autotech revolution.” Find out more about indie Semiconductor – Here 

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