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How IoT can Prevent Wildfires

Wildfires are causing devastation across the world. Year on year these mass blazes are growing in size, frequency and duration. Last year Australia saw 46 million acres of wildfires burn across the country, resulting in over 3,500 homes lost and…

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Are Smart Motorways Really that ‘Smart’?

Technology has deployed groundbreaking solutions to a multitude of cases and industries. In line with Smarter Cars, a developing strand of Technology-enabled solutions is in Smart Motorway deployment.  Established to combat the ongoing, impactful issue of congestion and its environmental…

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5 Uses for Digital Twins

Although the concept and beginnings of digital twins started off in manufacturing, the technology has now shifted into the world of IoT. Digital twins are used in so many different sectors that it’s truly astonishing. But, what is a digital…

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