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From intelligent wearables to full-blown smart cities, the Internet of Things is transforming the world as we know it. But in the end, it is the people who are responsible for the technological advancements brought about by IoT that we have to thank. 

It’s no secret that technology and IoT has typically been a male-dominated field and women are very much a minority. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an abundance of female pioneers within IoT, driving the industry and creating even more possibilities across the world. So, let’s celebrate them! 

Enter…’The Women in IoT Club’ Conference – our brand-new initiative powered by The IoT Podcast, on a mission to celebrate the achievements and innovations of females within the Internet of Things who are delivering the IoT vision. 

What it is… 

The Women in IoT ClubCon invites everyone facilitating innovation in the industry to come together for the same common interest. From founders and diversity and inclusion experts to engineers and researchers… the list is endless. 

While there are many women in Tech communities and platforms, The Women in IoT club Conference specialises solely in the niche of IoT where women within this industry can share their stories, success and advancements. 

This leads us to the ultimate goal; to create a community and a platform where the women within IoT can be celebrated for the innovations they are driving in all areas of the industry.  

What it isn’t… 

This isn’t a man-hating event or a place to talk about the hardships of women in the industry. It’s not unknown that there is an underrepresentation of women in the industry – and the stats speak for themselves. So, let’s not dwell on it; instead let’s celebrate the amazing activity taking place in the industry and the women inspiring and driving the future of IoT! 

This isn’t a woman only event – if you don’t identify as a woman and you’d like to attend, we’d love to see you there. 

So, who is the conference for?  

The Women in IoT Club is an all-inclusive conference to celebrate the pioneering work from the women who are leading innovation in IoT.  

We invite everyone from the ecosystem no matter what sub-industry to come along and enjoy the sessions. There will be a wide variety of topics spoken about from ladies all over the world, and most definitely something for everyone.  

Now, you must be asking the burning question of exactly when the conference will be ? 

Well, kicking-off the start of the new year, be sure to keep the diaries open for the commencing day of January 26th 2022. 

We will be sending updates very soon on how you can sign up to attend…P.S. It’s virtual! 

We are also still welcoming speakers and any women who would like to participate as a speaker to share their stories – if this is of interest, we would love to hear from you! Please contact